Brief Description

SYNERGIES brings forward a reference Energy Data Space Implementation that unleashes data-driven innovation and promotes the creation of an inclusive ecosystem of stakeholders across the energy data value chain by leveraging on an intelligence-enabled digital solution.

The challenge

The energy economy is facing a profound transition from a centralised, fossil-fuel-based system to an energy efficient, renewable-based and more decentralised system. The growing number of distributed energy resources connected to the network affects the accuracy of physical models currently utilized for operational monitoring and planning. An integrated ecosystem of data value chains is needed to enable data driven optimization and coordination between the energy sector stakeholders.

Synergies Solution

Synergies promotes the creation of a data-driven intelligence ecosystem that not only supports energy operators in improving efficiency in supply operations but also enables prosumer inclusiveness in market transactions. The main objective consists in promoting an innovative solution based on knowledge sharing and data intelligence integration that includes all energy actors of a complex value chain, considering diverse data sources, heterogeneous energy systems and spanning different socio-economic characteristics.

Key Differentiation Points

Reference implementation for an Energy Data Space

Novel business models for the transparent engagement of prosumers

Intelligence-enabled digital solutions for energy system decarbonization and consumer empowerment

Data-driven Digital Twin implementations for Network Operators

23 partners in Europe

3 representative demo sites

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