Synergies “Shaping consumer-inclusive data pathwaYs towards the eNERGy transItion, through a reference Energy data Space implementation” aims at establishing a reference Energy Data Space through sharing innovation in value chains in the energy field, which is fragmented due to the growing number of distributed energy resources connected to the network.

It will facilitate the transition from current siloed data management approaches to collaborative ones which promote the creation of a data and intelligence ecosystem around energy (and other types of) data. The data (intelligence)-driven innovative energy services will:

• value the flexibility capacity of the demand side (prosumers) in optimizing energy networks’ operation and/ or maximizing RES integration and self-consumption at different levels of the system (community, building);

• evidently support network operators in optimally monitoring, operating, maintaining and planning their infrastructures and coordinating between each other (TSO-DSO collaborative management) for enhancing system resilience;

• create an inclusive pathway towards the energy transition, through prosumer empowerment, awareness and informed involvement in energy/ flexibility market transactions;

• step on real data and intelligence extracted by them to deliver personalized energy services and automated features to increase prosumer acceptance and remove intrusiveness;

• facilitate the establishment of sustainable LECs by enhancing their role with Aggregator/ BSP functions and promoting attractive business cases for increasing their viability;

• establish the grounds for the creation of a new economy around energy data produced and shared across a complex value chain, in a secure, trustful and fair manner.

The SYNERGIES implementation methodology involves the following steps:

1. Concept Screening, User Requirements Definition and Technical Design: The SYNERGIES concept will be screened, and requirements will be elicited based on the actual needs of end-users and considering regulations, social perceptions, business practices and economic factors

2. SYNERGIES Technology Prototyping and Development: definition of a variety of mature and proven components, integrate them and further enhance their features to enable the delivery of functional, integrated prototypes which will be continuously validated to elicit user feedback

3. Demonstration/ Piloting and Marketability Tests: Validation will involve a vast number of stakeholders and end-users involved in the demonstrators and overall energy data value chain

4. Business innovation planning: A business innovation plan will be developed to prepare for the commercialization phase after the project end. This plan will detail sales strategy, continuous market/competition analysis, marketing mix, operational plan, business unit exit strategy and financial projections

Synergies Highlights

Project number: 101069839

Project name: Shaping consumer-inclusive data pathwaYs towards the eNERGy transItion, through a reference Energy data Space implementation

Project acronym: SYNERGIES

Call: Sustainable, secure and competitive energy supplyHORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-01

Topic: HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-01-01

Type of action: HORIZON-IA

Project starting date: fixed date: 1 September 2022

Project duration: 42 months