Empowering Progress: the collaboration with the Energy Community of Fornes

In Cuerva‘s ongoing commitment to collaboration and progress, the latest developments in the project activities are shared. The focus is particularly on Cuerva’s collaboration with the Energy Community (EC) of Fornes, where installation and development are being carried out by Vergy. For the introduction of the EC, a successful workshop was conducted in the village, featuring key stakeholders such as the town hall, Prospex Institute, Vergy, and Cuerva (see the dedicated post here). This workshop served as a platform to introduce the project to the public, fostering engagement and awareness.

The refinement of Cuerva’s Demo Cases is well underway, involving a meticulous process of fine-tuning to effectively showcase the project’s capabilities and potential impact. The goal is to provide a compelling and insightful preview of the project’s functionality.

Simultaneously, recognizing the importance of robust data sets, Cuerva’s team is actively sourcing data from chargers in other areas to bridge the gap until the EC charger is installed in Fornes. This initiative is a crucial component of Cuerva’s overall strategy for data collection.

As a key aspect of Cuerva’s progress, there is active involvement in the procurement of essential equipment, including bidirectional EV chargers, storage systems, and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) equipment. These acquisitions play an integral role in shaping the project’s infrastructure and pave the way for its effective implementation. Updates on this point will be provided in the coming months.

Cuerva’s commitment to maintaining open and continuous communication with entities associated with the Energy Community remains a top priority. This ensures that all stakeholders are well-informed, aligned, and actively contributing to the success of the project.

Energy Community Updates

A detailed study of users has been carried out between the town hall and Fornes. Training workshops have been held with potential users to raise awareness of how to participate in the Energy Community. The Energy Community design has been planned in two phases, with the first phase in the process of installation, expected to conclude in late December. The second phase is currently under design. Evaluation and reporting to the project of the Energy Community will start right after the start-up.

Wrapping up

The recent accomplishments outlined above signify significant strides in Cuerva’s project journey. By collaborating with the Energy Community of Fornes, refining data assets, fine-tuning Demo Cases, addressing data challenges, procuring necessary equipment, and fostering ongoing communication, Cuerva is dedicated to continuously working towards excelling in the role within this project.

Energy Community in Fornes under construction. In the image the solar panels can be seen being installed on the rooftop of the building

Fornes distribution network in the next picture

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