“Interoperability in Energy Data Spaces” session at Enlit Europe 2022

On 30 November 2022, SYNERGIES took part in the session organized by int:net project at the Enlit Europe fair. The event was organized in the framework of the initiative led by int:net to create a working group on energy data spaces and the interoperability of energy services.  SYNERGIES participated together with the other sister projects (Omega X, ENERSHARE, DATA CELLAR EU and Project EDDIE) to discuss priorities, use cases and challenges towards the deployment of interoperability in a common European energy data space.

At the event, SYNERGIES was represented by Suite5, the technical coordinator of the project, in the person of Tasos Tsitsanis.

Further events and workshops will be created in the framework of the working group; so, stay tuned to know more about the future developments of energy data spaces!

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