SYNERGIES at Int:net project Kick-off Meeting

On 30th September, 2022, SYNERGIES participated in Brussels at the Int:net kick-off meeting in Brussels that marked the start of activities of the Interoperability Network for the Energy Transition (int:net),a EU initiative, which brings together projects and initiatives that focus on energy data spaces and the interoperability of energy services, namely SYNERGIES and other relevant projects (the “sister projects”).

The sister projects that SYNERGIES is currently in contact with are Omega X, ENERSHARE, DATA CELLAR EU and Project EDDIE. SYNERGIES was represented by Tasos Tsitsanis from Suite5, the partner that coordinates the technical activities of the projects.

Engagement with the sister projects of SYNERGIES and teaming up with them will play an important role for the creation of synergies towards the delivery of a common set of fundamental requirements for the establishment of a common European Energy Data Space.

During the event, the discussion among the projects aimed at setting a commonly accepted collaboration framework that can effectively address the differences of the sister projects in terms of scope, technical maturity and approaches towards achieving interoperability, following. It will follow a progressive process that will start from the definition of a common denominator in the Use Cases elicited by each project and elaborating on relevant Minimum Interoperability Requirements for a Common European Energy Data Space.

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